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Tim Moxley, Brandon Barr, and Aaron Coury share how #weloveatl has transformed from a simple hashtag to a movement of people connected by their love for the city of Atlanta. the #weloveatl movement has grown to include 600,000+ images tagged and 58,000+ people connected by a love of their city.

Tim Moxley speaks at tedx North Clayton

tmox and #weloveatl on CNN's Impact your world

Some Atlanta photographers are using an Instagram hashtag to feed the hungry in their community and impact their world. 

Technology and social media are frequently criticized for being impersonal and keeping people from actually interacting with one another.

But four guys in Atlanta, Georgia, are using the image-sharing app "Instagram" to facilitate community-building.

Living Walls & #weloveatl Demonstrate Why People Succeed
Where Marketing Fails

Today, barely two years after it was hatched, the #weloveatl hashtag sits on more than 50,000 photographs, all taken by Atlantans who try to capture in a single image what they love about their city. Read more...

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Coming to a gallery near you: Your Instagram pics!

"When you hashtag your pictures with 'WeloveATL,' it's actually a proclamation," Moxley told HLN. "You're saying why you love the city and you're describing your life in the city."  

Since the hashtag started, more than 36,000 pictures have been tagged#WeloveATL.

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A social media facelift for Atlanta

Not liking how their city was portrayed on Instagram, three Atlanta photographers created a new hashtag and decided to give the submissions a real-life art gallery to be displayed in.

Tim Moxely, Brandon Barr and Aaron Coury converted an old bread truck to show off the best of #weloveatl in a mobile art gallery, both asking people to go out and take their own photos, as well as selling the ones that are hanging in front of them.

The proceeds go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, with permission of the original photo-taker.

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